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This affiliation strengthens AOR's commitment to providing innovative orthomolecules and botanicals that deliver evidence-based health solutions. Much like AOR, Ovos is grounded in credited research and markets its own line of natural health products which support those committed to living well and aging well.


CHFA: Canadian Health Foods Association

AOR is a member of the Canadian Health Foods Association: The Voice of the Natural Health Industry in Canada.

NHP-PAC: Natural Health Products Program Advisory Committee

AOR's Dr. Mary Chou, Senior Scientist and Head of Clinical Research & Regulatory Affairs, is an appointed member of the Natural Health Products Program Advisory Committee (NHP-PAC). This committee is composed of stakeholder representatives from industry, consumer, patient, health care professional, academic and government organizations. The NHP-PAC provides views, advice and recommendations on issues under federal responsibility for regulating the safety, quality and efficacy of natural health products for sale in Canada. The Committee provides this advice and recommendations including technical, scientific, ethical and communications, on current and emerging issues relevant to the Canadian regulatory framework for natural health products, in order to help facilitate Health Canada decision making.


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Today is National Coffee Day, the story goes that coffee beans were originally discovered centuries ago in Ethiopia.


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