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drnirat Dr. NavNirat Nibber ND, is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and registered Naturopathic Doctor in Calgary, Alberta. As the “other” Dr.Nibber, NavNirat has grown up in the world of alternative health care and natural supplements. After completing her bachelors degree in Biology and Microbiology at the University of Victoria, Dr. Nibber moved to Toronto to complete the four year long naturopathic degree. During this time Dr. Nibber worked at the Brampton Civic hospital, as well as a community clinic in the heart of Queen West in Toronto providing free outpatient care. Dr. Nibber was also selected for the Adjunctive Cancer care shift, and the recipient of the 2015 naturopathic honour award. In addition to working as a medical advisor and content creator at AOR, Dr. Nibber runs a clinical practice and health and wellness consulting agency in Calgary.
drgeorge Dr. George Templeton is AOR's Head of Product Development. Dr. Templeton holds a BSc in Biochemistry and a PhD in Biochemistry with a focus in Signal Transduction, from the University of Calgary. He has presented his doctoral research at several international conferences and published numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies. Dr. Templeton has a passion for elegant science and the effective use natural health solutions.
paulhrkal Dr. Paul Hrkal is a board certified Naturopathic physician. He graduated from McMaster University with a degree in Kinesiology and then went on to complete his medical studies at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Dr Hrkal is an expert in nutrition and supplemental therapies and has additional training and certification in intravenous and injection therapy and functional medicine. He has a special interest in the application of evidence-based nutritional and supplemental therapies in providing high quality, patient centred care. Dr Hrkal has a clinical focus in chronic pain, brain injuries and complementary cancer care. He also is strong advocate of integrative medical education and lectures regularly to both healthcare practitioners and public audiences across Canada. He currently is a senior medical advisor with Advanced Orthomolecular Research and maintains a clinical practice in the Toronto area at and
chantal Chantal Ann Dumas is a Medical Advisor for AOR and Naturopathic Doctor in Québec. A graduate from the École d’Enseignement Supérieur de Naturopathie du Québec (ÉESNQ), she has been an active member of the Association des Diplômés en Naturopathie du Québec (ANAQ) since 1998. She is also a licensed birth assistant, certified DAN! clinician level ll from the Autism Research Institute, certified Healthy Breast Teacher and a master herbalist. Chantal Ann has been teaching botanical medicine and orthomolecular therapy to naturopathic students since 2001, and has held numerous professional and public lectures. She is widely recognized as a women’s health expert and advocate in the field of natural and integrative medicine. Chantal Ann is currently completing a degree in Medical Anthropology at McGill University, while maintaining a busy clinical practice in the Montreal area.

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