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Conveniently search our products by health category. These health categories were created to make your search for products easier. Categories listed are the most commonly searched health categories by people desiring to improve a specific health condition or their overall health and well-being.  

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Simply click on a specific health condition from the list below to see which products might be helpful for you. Please note that each product has been fitted into its primary category of use, however most products have multiple health applications.

What if I Need Additional Information About a Product or Have Questions?

When you look at the products that are listed under each specific health condition, you will also find additional health applications in the Label Info section for each product. If you have questions or concerns regarding any specific product please feel free to contact our helpful technical support team through our Contact page.


Other Places to Find Helpful Information Related to a Specific Health Condition

Please visit AOR’s blog pages for more information on health topics. Simply type in a health condition to find any blog articles related to that topic. AOR’s blog articles are written by Naturopathic Doctors and research scientists.

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