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Understanding Blood Sugar - Natural Blood Sugar Supplements, Herbs & Nutrients

Chronically high blood sugar is a major risk factor for a numerous health conditions, especially adverse cardiovascular events. After we eat, insulin, the hormone released by the pancreas, signals the body to clear the sugar that was present in our food. If there is too much sugar all the time, the body stops responding to insulin. Insulin insensitivity impairs proper blood sugar control. This not only increases the risk of developing a number of serious diseases, but, it is also a major contributor of accelerated aging. Controlling blood glucose levels is largely dependent on lifestyle factors such as reducing processed foods in the diet and maintaining regular physical activity. Magnesium, R-Lipoic Acid and chromium are a few nutrients which are used by the body to process sugar. Research indicates that these nutrients are useful in supporting blood sugar balance and improving some of the symptoms of improper glucose control.

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