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Understanding Detoxification - Natural Detoxification Supplements, Herbs & Nutrients

'Detox' is quite a buzzword today. Diets, teas and special juices are just a few popular ways to achieve this status. But, what is detox really? From a physiological perspective, it is the process of removing toxic substances from the body. The liver and kidneys are our biggest detoxification organs; their job is to screen and removes any harmful substances that enter the body whether it is food, medicine or pollutants. They also remove toxins created by our bodies and excrete them through feces, urine or change them into a less harmful substance. Sometimes, the body becomes bombarded with toxins or lacks the enzymes required to detoxify efficiently. For example, detoxifying sex hormones like estrogen is one of the livers' primary roles. If this does not happen efficiently, it creates a hormone imbalance. AOR's detoxification formulas are designed to support the body's natural detox mechanisms to make them more effective.

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