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Understanding Energy / Fatigue - Natural Energy / Fatigue Supplements, Herbs & Nutrients

Lack of energy or fatigue is a common complaint amongst individuals of varying age groups. Typically, individuals report a general feeling of tiredness, exhaustion or lack of motivation. While there can be many underlying issues that can contribute to fatigue, such as reduced sleep or poor quality of sleep, nutritional deficiencies, and other illnesses. Often, lifestyle factors and internal and external stressors can create 'burn out'. Improving overall energy is subjective and unique to each individual, but almost always requires a tiered approach encompassing treating nutritional deficiencies and addressing lifestyle factors and stress. Some individuals report improvements in fatigue when supplementing with herbs which support their mood balance and overall outlook on life while others feel more physically energetic when they manage their joint pain and improve mobility.

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Today is National Coffee Day, the story goes that coffee beans were originally discovered centuries ago in Ethiopia.


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