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What is our first line of defense against pathogens, helps manufacture Vitamin D and protects our body from dehydration? Skin! Did you know that skin is our largest organ? Adults carry 8lbs of it. Healthy skin means different things to different people but, most would agree that smooth, soft and glowing skin is healthy skin. Unfortunately, at different times in our lives, we may experience problems with our skin. There are over 3000 skin disorders but, eczema, acne and dry skin are common. There are a number of factors which can impact skin health (e.g. age, genetics, sun, food, bacteria and viruses and toxins). The cosmetics industry would have us believe that topical creams and lotions are always effective for treating and preventing some skin disorders but that is not always true. Most skin disorders are a result of internal imbalances and treatment should revolve around approaches that address the root causes internally and manage symptoms externally.

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